About us

One day, Yurika, ging-ë-lems' creator, was drinking a juice from a juice bar and realized she really liked the ginger and lemon portion of her drink. She continued to crave the concoction and decided to produce the optimal blend of ginger and lemon juice for her daily consumption. As time went on, she became a mad scientist in her kitchen, trying different ratios and techniques, after months in her "lab" she emerged with, da... da... da! ging-ë-lems! One thing led to another (as many stories go) and she started sharing them with her friends, family and eventually her neighbors and they told two friends, and they told two friends and so on and so on and so on... and now, it is time to share it with you, the world! 

Yurika hardly craves anything healthy and was surprised at how addicted she became to this simple blend, each time she guzzled her drink her mood was elevated and she felt she could conquer the world! Miraculously, her blemishes on her cheeks started to go away, for the first time in years she had clear skin again. She began to notice many great side effects drinking her ging-ë-lems, calmer digestion, glowing-dewy skin, whites of eyes were brighter, more energy, sugar cravings decreased, appetite suppressed, less hair falling out in the shower, to name a few. After experiencing these great side effects, she would look them up and sure enough they were attributed to both ginger and lemon in someway, who knew?!

ging-ë-lems was created to get daily, fresh, raw ginger and lemon into our systems with optimal ease. Yurika hopes these little frozen magic drops will bring you as much joy as it has brought to her and many others. 

à votre santé!